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Preventing Equipment-Related Injuries on the Construction Site

In our last article, we focused on preventing falls in the workplace. This time, we are back to help prevent equipment-related injuries. Because construction site injuries can be caused by equipment misuse, the harm can often be very serious. Heed this advice to prevent machine and equipment-related injury for your construction workers. Causes of Equipment […]

Construction Site Injury Prevention: Falls

In our last article, we focused on preventing slips and trips at the construction site. In this month’s blog, we are back to help prevent falls at the workplace. Being off-balance can be very dangerous as well as a very common problem on a construction site. Pair that with the use of ladders, scaffolding, and […]

Construction Site Injury Prevention: Overexertion

Construction projects can be taxing on the builders and workers who overexert their bodies during hard labor. This injury is incredibly common on construction sites, but it does not have to be. Here are some causes of overexertion and how to prevent it on the job site.   Causes of Overexertion The causes of overexertion […]