Construction Technologies

With virtually hundreds of construction applications and methods available, we pride ourselves on using “the right application for the right job.” We give each project a careful evaluation as to the proper application of materials and structural design. Cost, availability, proven durability, aesthetical application and functionality are but a few of the issues we analyze for each and every project to assure that the proper balance of application is achieved. View some of the various product and building type applications below.

Precast Concrete

This popular building application is a powerful solution for long economic life and durability, speed of construction and flexible expansion. The precast concrete industry provides an array of product types and finishes that are functional, innovative and attractive. This product has application uses both as a total building system and a component application.


Even though it is one of the oldest building methods, unit masonry is still economical and durable. This industry has kept itself current with the fast-paced world of attractive product alternatives. Masonry produces a variety of products to fit virtually every use and desired look imaginable. While brick veneer masonry is a building component product as opposed to a system application, unit concrete masonry does have structural capabilities as well as veneer applications.

Stone Veneer

Both granite and limestone are regionally mined and readily available products in our market. Each has distinctive and unique characteristics that, when properly applied as a veneer component, can set apart any building from the rest of the architectural landscape.

Pre-Engineered Steel

This versatile and economical application can be used as a total building system application. Pre-engineered steel also has many features as a component application for roofing and wall applications, or even as a stand alone structural application for use with any other component application for walls or roofing. Known for its flexibility and modularity for expansion, this system is capable of large spans and varying customized design criteria.

Wood Frame

Wood frame is generally used in smaller building applications with specific aesthetical goals. This age old application is easily adaptable to any design shape and size since it is created and customized on-site. Wood is a structural and component application that is versatile, readily available and accepting of virtually any exterior finish.


The specialty category is limitless in product and application methods. It represents all other methods of building applications from structural systems using cast-in-place concrete, or structural steel stud framing to a combination of various products used in the cladding process. While the combinations are endless, the availability of choices can help you meet specific financial goals, a critical insulating value or perhaps a desired aesthetic.