Building Momentum at First District Association

Crane 2

For a lot of industries, the change in seasons is a non-issue. In our industry, it can have a huge impact on the bottom line and schedule. When we start a project in May and June and we mention temporary heat and snow removal, we usually get a puzzled look from our customers. We know these setbacks are coming and determine milestones that we need to hit to have a successful project.


When First District Association contacted us about this new Dryer Facility, these were some of the first things discussed. This was especially critical since the equipment needed to be installed as the structure was being erected. The milestone was set to have the main tower and all equipment installed by January 1st and we are on schedule to hit that date.

First District Association

When building a structure that can have loads in excess of 2 million pounds, the site preparation requires special attention. The soils cannot support this load, so we increased the capacity by installing a geopier system. This is a process that installs granite piers that support the foundations of buildings. This will limit the amount of settlement over the life of the facility.


Technology is constantly changing and improving our approach. Procore Construction Management Software, Ox Blue Construction Cameras, and drone videos are key tools in keeping an accurate record of your project. They also provide valuable information for our customers once the project is complete.


The day the crane arrived and started setting the first structural components was a bittersweet day. This project has been in the concept and design phase for 3 years and it was exciting to see the results of a lot of hard work. Thanks to First District Association for making the commitment to move forward with a state-of-the-art facility along with Excel Engineering, Wells Concrete, and Relco. We are fortunate to be associated with such talented companies.
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